We offer a range of environmental and industrial solid and liquid waste management removal, treatment and disposal services, this includes:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes collection, treatment and disposal by incineration.
  • Waste audit of site operations.
  • Environmental site assessment, clean-up and remediation of oil-impacted and/ contaminated lands and areas.
  • Oil spill response and clean-up operations.
  • Chemical spills, clean-up and disposal operations.

Waste materials received for incineration and disposal on Eco-Regen site, prior to treatment are stored in well-ventilated covered roof 10-unit compartments in the Hazardous Waste Storage Area: Eco-Regen’s High Temperature Hazardous Waste Incinerator is designed based upon proven technology and has the following key features:

  • Operates at a temperature of approx. 12000C.
  • Unit has a capacity of approx 4,000 tons per year.
  • Capable of processing a wide variety of wastes ranging from general waste, hospital waste to highly halogenated chemical waste, such as crude sludge and waste chemicals.
  • Solid, pasteous and liquid waste streams can be processed simultaneously.
  • Is equipped with a wastewater treatment system resulting in a closed water system.
  • Large secondary chamber with long residence time ensuring complete burnout
  • Has a Destruction & Removal efficiency of 99.99%

The key feature of our incinerator lies in the unique design of the exhaust gas system which complies with the emission limits given in the EU Directive 94/67/FC on incineration of hazardous waste. The flue gas cleaning system ensures that the toxic components of the gas stream are removed prior to venting to the atmosphere; this is important to prevent the pollution of the environment and to human health.


  • Crude Oil Sludge.
  • Contaminated Sands
  • Expired Chemicals.
  • Mineral Waste Oil.
  • Medical & Laboratory Waste
  • Spent Paint and Lacquers
  • Spent/ Expired Flares
  • Acrolin
  • Computer Ink, Parts & Printer
  • Waste Batteries